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Online Stores Solutions

Solutions for Online Stores

Solutions for Online Stores

Running an online store like any other business involves spending many hours on preparing products for sale, a continuous product-line expansion and constant restocking. On top of this, we need to add time to search for information on what will sell in the next season. Not only do all these activities generate high costs, but also they consume a lot of time. Therefore, the Sentiell Wholesale offers you ideal conditions for running an online store: Images included in the price of products and also you can be sure that once the product is introduced into the offer its stock will be replenished for at least a year.

Below you will find out how to run online business to make it a comfortable and pleasant experience, regardless of time and place you are in.


Positive shopping experience is a key to success

We know that as an entrepreneur who sells jewellery online you want not only your website to be designed and developed in every detail but also you need a user-friendly and intelligent tool which facilitates the whole purchasing process.

Using our Interactive Product Catalogue, which is available 24 hours a day and the Innovative Customer Service System, you will be able to browse products and place orders quickly and conveniently, regardless of time and place you are in.


Professional photo support

Every entrepreneur in order to run an online jewellery store, needs professional photos to present their offer on the Internet. If you buy jewelry from manufacturer or wholesale, you also need to take into account additional costs of taking professional photos of your products. The quality of the product pictures is often a decisive stimulus leading to the product sales. The costs of such an outsourcing may be as high as several thousand per year. Sentiell Wholesale as one of the few in the jewelry industry offers professional photographic support for its clients. Learn more…

Innovative system of customer service

Innovative system of customer service

Sentiell Online Wholesale has used modern technology that helps us identify your needs, so that we can provide you only with useful information, and therefore inform you about the benefits you can take advantage of and periodical promotions. Also we keep you updated about stock replenishment of our products in which you might be interested. This facilitates the ordering process and your email box won't get clogged with unnecessary emails. Learn more…


We analyse your needs – every day!

Thanks to your suggestions reported to our customer service office via email, and the survey information, we are able to offer you both products and services necessary for doing business in the jewellery industry. Every day our team analyses all this information and works on possibilities to implement changes, and also offers production of jewellery according to your taste.


Safety first

Online shopping is still associated with a high risk of losing money and inadequate protection of personal data. Caring about the safety of your transactions and confidentiality of data transmitted electronically, we protect our cooperation with an SSL certificate. The security of cooperation with our wholesale is evidenced by a Trusted Shop certificate, thanks to which your purchases are insured for up to 2,500 euros, and we give you a money-back guarantee! Learn more…

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