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Trusted Shops Guarantee

Trusted Shops Guarantee

We want to assure you that the Sentiell Wholesale Store is 100% secure, so we took care of it to make your purchases not only protected by 12 month warranty on products but also by the guarantee from external supervising company Trusted Shops.

You can additionally insure each order for up to 2.500 €.
Insurance is FREE!

Under this warranty, you can obtain:

  • Money-back guarantee for ordered goods in case of non-delivery up to an amount 2.500 €
  • Money-back guarantee for the ordered goods after returning them up to an amount 2.500 €
  • Refund of personal contribution of up to 50 € in case of misusing of your credit card as a result of the order placed via the Internet on the wholesale store website.
  • If Sentiell Wholesale fails to perform an obligation that is required by the contract, the Trusted Shops GmbH will assist you to lodge any claim against the Sentiell.

Trusted Shops Purchase Protection

How can I protect my purchase with additional warranty?

Immediately after the order has been placed you will see a message in the lower right corner indicating the possibility of protecting your purchase with the Trusted Shops guarantee for up to 2.500 €. Just click on the button "Secure your purchase free of charge".

You will see a short form where you must select the appropriate currency and click on the "Secure purchase and rate later".

You also have the opportunity to receive direct assistance from Trusted Shops. Below you will find answers to all questions related to guarantee, money refund, as well as solutions to potential problems or issues related to our cooperation.

Choose your country:

Belgium France Germany Netherlands
Poland Spain United Kingdom United States o America

How can I apply for compensation from TS?

It is an option only for clients who have placed the order and have requested an additional free guarantee.

You will receive review request by email no later than 25 days after the order has been placed. If your order hasn’t delivered yet or was incomplete, then you are required to report this fact to the Trusted Shops GmbH no later than within 30 days after placing the order. In case of B2B transactions, Sentiell’s contractual obligation shall be deemed as fulfilled once a FedEx courier picks up the parcel from our seat. In subsequent stage of shipping process your purchase is protected by Federal Express International (FedEx) insurance and Sentiell Warranty.