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Enter the product codes that you want to add to the basket in bulk (separated by commas, with a space, or from a new line). Repeating the code many times will add this item as many times as it appears.

Photo support

Photo Collector

What kind of photos does the photographic support include? Can I receive photographs of models presenting Sentiell’s jewelry?

  • As part of the photographic support offer we may provide you with product images on a white background without watermark.
  • Photos of our models presenting Sentiell's jewellery are excluded from the photographic support's offer.
  • Images without watermark should be downloaded from a dedicated section in your client account. Copying photos directly from website www is copyright infringement, and it may constitute grounds for drawing the legal consequences.
  • How can I use photos received as part of the photographic support? What rights and what limitations do I have?

  • According to our Terms and Conditions, provided photos can be used for marketing and sales purposes on all types of media.
  • Sharing photos to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  • What is the file format and resolution of pictures?

  • You will be provided with catalogue photos on a white background, in a .jpg format and with dimensions of 568 x 568 pixels.
  • From 2021 we make available also photographs on a white background, in a .jpg format and with dimensions of 1200 x 1200 pixels and photographs on a white background in a .webp format with dimensions of 1200 x 1200 pixels only for products introduced into our offer from 2021.
  • How can I download photos for processed order?

  • You can download photos on your own. Our special application will prepare for you a compressed .zip file with photos or a .csv file with an offer of purchased products. Go to "Your account" tab, in section "Orders" choose [Completed]. Once your order receives status shipped, on your order list you will see an option to download a file with photos.
    List of orders
  • Also, you can download photos directly from your order page. Once you receive information about dispatch of your order, proceed directly from e-mail message to your order details page. In section ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS AND SERVICES you will find a link to download photos.
    Order details
  • How to download photos for all purchased products?

  • Go to menu at the bottom of the page, in section "My account" choose "Download offer or photos". Select feature "Mark all", and then click the button [Download photos].

    List of ordered products
  • All image and .csv files are generated at your request, so you can download them anytime you want. If you notice that a picture of a product has been updated on our website, and you want to receive it, all you have to do is download it again from the list of purchased products.

  • * The list of purchased products includes goods purchased after 01.01.2019.

    Can I download photos to my smartphone?

    Mobile phone

  • Yes, it is possible to download a single photograph. This function is used to edit pictures in graphics-related programs on mobile devices and to post edited graphics on social media.
  • It is not available to download a collective content of graphics or to download .csv file on mobile devices.
  • Can I outsource an additional photography editing or making a banner ad?

    It is possible to use the banners prepared for our clients, available on our website Unfortunately, we do not make any additional graphics for our clients. However, you can use our sales banner and put one or more of them in your online store. The graphics are available here.

    Can I receive the photos of models presenting Sentiell's jewelry?

    Unfortunately, the photographs of the models presenting Sentiell's jewelry are excluded from the photographic support's offer. Check detailed conditions of photo support.

    How can I download .csv file with an offer of purchased products?

    Go to menu at the bottom of the page, in section "My account" choose "Download offer or photos". Select feature "Mark all", and then click the button [Download offer in CSV file].
    Download offer in .csv

    What kind of data does the .csv file contain?

    .csv view

  • The file is a database to import all purchased products to your system for the purpose of creating a sale offer.
    1. Product ID
    2. Currency
    3. Code
    4. Manufacturer
    5. Measure unit
    6. Wholesale gross price
    7. Wholesale net price
    8. VAT rate
    1. Gross price of size
    2. Net price of size
    3. Size ID
    4. Size name
    5. Product picture
    6. Product icon
    7. Product name
    8. Description
  • The file doesn't update the records automatically, and it is intended only for importing offer, not for integrate it.
  • The file contains links to icons and catalogue photos in .jpg format. The file doesn't contain links to pictures in .webp format.
  • Within the file each size of a particular product is represented by a separate item on the list. If you want to create one product page for each size of a particular product, leave the file unchanged. If you want to create one product page with several sizes, delete specified rows from .csv file or simply do not mark unnecessary sizes before generating the file.
  • Can I ask you to generate a custom-made file?

    Unfortunately, no. Our application generates files in exactly the same way for every client. If you need less data, all you have to do is delete unnecessary columns. You can easily edit, add, delete, concatenate text columns, move columns or data to achieve the desired effect.

    Does the .csv file contain current wholesale prices?

    The file contains prices of products from your last order.

    Why polish characters are not allowed in .csv file?

    Polish characters will be displayed properly once you import the file encoded with the Unicode UTF-8. You can do that using Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice which we recommend because they provide easier and more automated ways to import UTF-8 files.

    How to open UTF-8 encoded .csv file?

    • Open downloaded file from the list of recent downloads in your browser.

      .csv info - 1

    • You can also open the file from the folder on your computer where the file was downloaded.

      .csv info - 2

    • Once you open the file in LibreOffice, it will display a window "Text import". In section [Separator Options] select [Separated by], [Semicolon] and from the list of [String delimiter] select quotation mark ["]. Open a dropdown menu [Character set].

      .csv info - 3

    • Select [Unicode (UTF-8)] from [Character set] menu.

      .csv info - 4

    • Click [OK] to confirm settings.

      .csv info - 5

    • The .csv file will be opened as a new sheet in LibreOffice. All that's left to do is to adjust the column width and row height to fit the data.

      .csv info - 6

    How to concatenate text columns in .csv file?

    • In worksheet select the cell where you want to put the combined data (for example, let’s say you are choosing cell V2).

      LibreOffice - 1

    • There are various ways you can combine contents of multiple cells into one cell in .csv file. In our example below, you will find useful information on how to use the ampersand symbol [ & ]. In formula bar type the following code then press [ENTER]:

      =A2&" "&B2&" "&C2&" "&D2&" "&E2&" "&F2&" "&G2&" "&H2&" "&I2&" "&J2&" "&K2&" "&L2&" "&M2&" "&N2&" "&O2&" "&P2

      LibreOffice - 2

      * If you want to add spaces between data of the columns, you need to use a space enclosed in quotation marks [" "].

    • You will combine each column content separated by space into one selected cell.

      LibreOffice - 3

    • You don't have to merge all columns. If you need only for example [Product ID], [Code], [Wholesale net price] and [Size name], use the following code:

      =A2&" "&C2&" "&G2&" "&L2