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How can I return goods?

Returning products in cooperation with the Sentiell Wholesale is possible within 10 working days of the receipt of order. To this end, you need to send a notification of contract withdrawal by email or using the return module available after logging into the client's account. The form of return is filled out automatically and is ready to be printed. In the case of information sent via email, you should include the order reference number and the returned product catalogue number. You can also use the form and fill it manually:


The right to withdraw from the contract does not apply in the case of goods with properties specified by the client in the order he or she has placed, or closely associated with his or her person, e.g. imported on request.

At the time of making the declaration the client is obliged to return the goods in an unaltered state, that is:

  • goods must bear tags, goods must be unworn, unused, unaltered etc.,
  • the costs of the return shipment shall be covered by the client,
  • Make sure that the product is properly packaged to prevent damage during the shipping, because you are the owner of the product until a positive response to the return.

    When and how will I receive a reimbursement in case of product return?

    If your return is accepted, you will receive a refund equivalent to the value of the goods returned to Sentiell to their account balance, immediately upon receipt and inspection of the products from return shipment, but not later than 14 days from the date of its receipt. The amount for returned goods can also be reimbursed in accordance with the manner it was originally paid i.e. bank transfer or PayPal, DotPay, PayU, etc. only at the express request of the client.

    Check handling fees on refunds for transactions

    Who pays for return shipping costs?

    The client always pays return shipping.

    I want to withdraw from the contract and make a partial return of products, but my order received a free delivery and threshold discount. Do the benefits that I received, no longer entitled me?

    Therefore, if you decide to return your order partially, you have to be aware of certain restrictions and withdrawal of benefits as a result of failure to comply with certain conditions.

    In the case of a partial return of order for which a free shipping was offered:

  • If the value of the products that you haven't returned is lower than required to obtain free shipping, the payment for the shipping is deducted from the refund for returned products.
  • In case of partial return of orders for which there has been a threshold discount calculated:

  • If the value of the products that you haven't returned is lower than required to obtain a specific threshold discount, then the difference in the amount of threshold discount is deducted from the refund for returned product.

  • * We do not refund customs clearance! – If you are client from outside the EU who bears the costs of customs clearance, please, pay close attention. Analyse well the products you have chosen because their return will be associated with the re-payment of customs duties.

    We think it is fair. We give you many facilities that require certain obligations from you. If they are not complied due to the return, then the benefits which have been granted must be revoked due to failure to meet the conditions that such benefits generate. Therefore, we hope you will understand our reasons and that such situations will be extremely rare.

    I am from outside the EU. How can I return goods?

    Please, use the standard procedure described here. Important! We do not refund the customs duty!