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About Sentiell


Watching jewellery market for over 20 years, we have noticed that the jewellery industry entrepreneurs, when under the pressure of time, need tools that will facilitate the process of ordering products regardless of time and place they are in. What is more, there are many small stores where jewellery is only part of their offer. For such shops submission of a large order blocks a large part of the budget, which leads to a loss of financial liquidity of their business. This convinced us to create Sentiell – Jewellery Wholesale Online.

Currently, we provide services for for more than 1,500 jewelers, both brick and mortar and online in 20 European countries. Our policy of cooperation, certified with security certifications, is designed to meet the needs of different customer requirements. The implementation of an innovative procurement system and customer service will speed up and facilitate the ordering of goods for you, and from our side, we will keep identifying your needs and will provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Use our solutions and your income and free time for you and your family will increase. You no longer need to visit a number of wholesalers to get your merchandise, nor do you have to clog your schedule with meetings with sales representatives. Now your wholesale jewellery online store is at your fingertips, regardless of time and place you are in.


We offer modern technology and support your success. The ball is with you now.


Successful people are constantly looking for growth opportunities. Those who are not open to learning and self-improvement are vulnerable to stagnation and being insignificant businessmen.




Łukasz Rzepka

 The Founder of Sentiell Wholesale




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