Innovative Customer Service


Innovative Customer Service System

Using modern technologies and knowledge of the needs of customers from the B2B sector, we have implemented an innovative system, thanks to which our clients have gained an invaluable tool. The Sentiell Wholesale System consists of several necessary features that allow you to customize a model of cooperation with the jewelry wholesale online.



Innovative Customer Service System 

The innovative customer service system will help you make purchasing decisions and thanks to the information we receive when you fill out our surveys and contact forms and the analysis of the content you are interested in, we are able to keep you informed about additional benefits of cooperation with the wholesale.


 I would like to be kept informed about my options.




How does the system work?

The way the innovative purchasing system works lies primarily in the fact that it analyses the purchasing paths of each customer individually, giving them the opportunity to take the complementary products offer, which extends the previously selected assortment. Furthermore, it transmits information to the customer service department about what kind of service or product the client is interested in, thus we can respond more quickly to your needs. The system also allows us to tailor better our message to each customer. Therefore, only necessary information is sent into your email box. These messages concern the processing of orders, payments, and any information about what benefits are available to you, and perhaps you do not even know of them yet.


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