Fügen Sie Produkte hinzu, indem Sie Codes hinzufügen

Fügen Sie eine CSV-Datei hinzu
Geben Sie die Codes der Produkte ein, die Sie in großen Mengen in den Warenkorb legen möchten (nach einem Komma, mit einem Leerzeichen oder von einer neuen Zeile). Durch mehrmaliges Wiederholen des Codes wird dieser Artikel so oft hinzugefügt, wie er angezeigt wird.

VAT Invoices

What form do I receive VAT invoices in?

A VAT invoice in paper form is always included with the shipment of ordered products. Once your order reaches the status [Versandt], you can also download the invoice in electronic form as a .pdf file. Go to "Ihr Konto" tab section "Bestellungen" [Abgeschlossene] and select the order. You will find the VAT invoice in the "Dokumente zum Herunterladen" section.

Dokumenty do pobrania

Is the invoice issued per gram or per piece?

Invoices are issued per piece. If you need information about the weight of purchased products, we can provide this data on the invoice specification:

To receive such a document, simply write remarks to a staff in the third step of your basket with the content "Invoice specification". The document will be sent to the e-mail address assigned to your client account on the day of order processing, and in exceptional situations, within a maximum of 48 hours.

What qualifies for zero rated VAT?

A VAT invoice can be issued with a VAT rate of 0% (net) or 23% (gross). The 0% VAT rate may apply if:

  • You run a company in the EU, you are a VAT taxpayer in your country, and you have an active VIES number, and the delivery of goods will take place in the EU, excluding Poland.

    • If you don't have a VIES number, but you are a VAT payer, request its assignment at the appropriate office. Please inform us immediately of the activation of the VIES number so that we can change the settings of your customer account before you place and pay for the order.

  • You run a company outside the EU, and the delivery of goods will take place outside the EU.

    • The value of the order does not include customs clearance costs, which will be charged upon receipt of the shipment. The amount of customs fees varies depending on the country. To find out the cost of customs clearance of jewelry, please contact the appropriate customs office. Learn more about delivery and customs clearance.