Fügen Sie Produkte hinzu, indem Sie Codes hinzufügen

Fügen Sie eine CSV-Datei hinzu
Geben Sie die Codes der Produkte ein, die Sie in großen Mengen in den Warenkorb legen möchten (nach einem Komma, mit einem Leerzeichen oder von einer neuen Zeile). Durch mehrmaliges Wiederholen des Codes wird dieser Artikel so oft hinzugefügt, wie er angezeigt wird.


Is my order insured?

Yes, every order we send is insured, and we are responsible for it until it is delivered. If your order exceeds the maximum insurance amount offered by the courier company, we will divide it into several shipments, guaranteeing free delivery for each of them. Get a free additional GUARANTEE OF TRUSTED SHOPS insuring your shopping to 2500 euros gross.

What can I do if the package was not received?

If, for some reason, the package was not received, contact the courier company and arrange a convenient delivery time or pick up the package at the nearest courier point. Remember that redirecting an already sent order involves an additional fee, so be sure to specify the delivery address accurately when placing the order.

Can I collect the shipment personally?

We do not offer personal pickups from our warehouse.

What should I do if my order is lost during transit?

The time from when the package is handed over to the courier to when the order is delivered to your company's headquarters is 1-3 working days (Europe) or 3-7 working days (other worldwide destinations). If the package has not been delivered after this period and the tracking number has not changed its status, contact us. If the issue is not resolved and the courier company provides clear information that the package is lost, we will promptly fulfill another order for you.

I have multiple accounts with Sentiell's wholesale. Can I request a consolidated shipment to one address for orders placed from different logins?

Unfortunately, no. The system treats each login as a separate client. It is not possible to merge orders or send them in one consolidated shipment. Each order will be subject to a separate delivery fee, which is provided by the system during the checkout.

I own several shops, is there an option to send a few orders to different addresses?

Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses when you create an order. The company data on the invoice will remain the same as those provided during registration. The only thing that’s going to change is the delivery address. Unfortunately, the sum of the values of all orders wouldn't affect the opportunity to benefit from free delivery, but each order will have to meet this requirement individually.