Fotografischer Träger

Photographic Support

What distinguishes us is not only the unconventional approach to the customer, but also what we offer you in exchange for loyal cooperation. Bearing in mind the fact that the current trade is based on advertising in the printed press and social media, we decided to take over a large part of the costs associated with running your business for us, offering photo support.



Thanks to the work of our graphics department, we give you the opportunity to receive high-quality images of Sentiell jewelry absolutely free of charge. As part of our collaboration, we may provide you with high-quality product images on a white background for each order. Unfortunately, photos of our models presenting Sentiell's jewelry are excluded from the photographic support's offer. Once you come into possession of the images, you also get the right to use them for the marketing and promotion purposes of your business. Not only do you gain time with the Sentiell photographic support, but also it saves huge amounts of money, because you don't have to outsource shots from photographic companies anymore. You choose how and where you want to promote the offer of your shop.

If you want to take advantage of our brand's popularity and sell Sentiell's products, you may use Sentiell's banners, created specially for business partners. The banners are available after logging into your account, on this site ADVERTISING BANNERS.


How do I get the photo support?

Just place an order to initiate our cooperation of the minimum value of the products of 500,00 PLN /120,00 EUR / 100,00 GBP / 160,00 USD net. excluding shipping cost & payment fee. This is a minimum order in the wholesale. All you have to do is ask for photos of the purchased products, using order remarks. If the order has already been placed, please send a request for photos to the graphics department at In the title of the message type "Request for photographic support." It is enough to give the order number in the message. Photos can be obtained for each subsequent order.


When will I receive the pictures?

Images are sent to an email address given during registration within 14 days of receipt of the confirmation message of the dispatch of your order/receipt of the confirmation message to your photo support request. We send pictures via Wetransfer portal, from which you will receive the message with the link to download photos. Pictures are transferred in a .jpg format, and compressed into a .zip file.


Attention! You will obtain the right to use and publish graphics only of purchased products. If you decide to exercise the right of withdrawal of those products, you will lose the right to use photos.


 Check detailed conditions of Photographic Support


* The files are deleted automatically after 60 days from the moment of creation zip file. After this period, re-dispatch becomes impossible. More information can be found in the Terms and Conditions, in par.5 "PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPORT".    

** Photos posted on the website of Sentiell are the property of the wholesale. Copying, reselling and publishing them on other websites is prohibited without having the rights.

*** Copying and using photos with models presenting Sentiell's jewelry for marketing and sales purposes is strictly prohibited and will constitute grounds for termination of cooperation with Sentiell wholesale and draw the consequences related to copyrights. 

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