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From now, we make information about products from reserve stock available for you. These products come straight from production, and then they are prepared for sale to ultimately be transferred to main stock. So far, you have only had access to quantities of our main stock. So, if a product was unavailable, that didn’t mean it wasn’t actually off-the-shelf, it was only unavailable on our main stock.

Once our clients have been asking about unavailable product, we informed them about possibility of book it from our reserve stock. In that way, within a maximum of 2 days, the product was ready to be processed and after that, we also have been preparing it for sale to our main stock.

What has changed?
Now the visible quantity on our online wholesale, it is total of all available goods from both main and reserve stock. The difference is that you can make a reservation on your own, without the need to contact with us, even for products from our reserve stock. Nevertheless, these products will be ready to be processed not in 24h but in 48h because we have to prepare them for sale.


We will still regularly resupply our main stock that we can process orders in 24h. However, to better manage the priorities and the expectations of yours and other clients, this approach will improve and will accelerate replenishment of main stock from reserve stock products.

  • IMPORTANT – goods from reserve stock will be prepared for sale with/without Sentiell's labels in accordance with your previous guidelines. If you haven't provided us with that information, we will contact you.

The next step is to implement the possibility of online reservation for products which are "already manufacturing", without the need to contact us. We will informed you about that option in next update.

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