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We would like to inform that we have started making changes in products' codes in our system. It concerns three types of earrings: leverback, latch back and kidney earrings. We decided to standardize theirs symbols in order to make easier a verification of goods supply.

Below we present examples of earrings together with descriptions:

Kidney earrings

Kidney earrings

SYMBOL [J] - (KS0052JR)

Check kidney earrings

Classical, the most produced closure of earrings. It is very persistent and there is no need to use earring nuts. If the closure is made right, it should be slightly springy. This kind of earrings is very comfortable to wear.



SYMBOL [D] - (S0091DR_B)

Check leverback earrings

Equally popular as the classic kidney earrings. It is a hinged lever with a spring mounted inside which is easy to fastened and that holds the closure steady.

Latch back

Latch back


Check latch back earrings

Mainly used in small earrings models and highly valued for the comfort of wearing. It does not require any additional ear nuts. It is worth noting that silver is softer than gold, which may cause closure deflection. In this case, it will be necessary to bend the stud a little bit to fit it to the clasp. The defection isn't a defect of the closure, but a natural feature of this clasp.

Those changes will be introduced only in our system, and labels of the products available on our main stock still include previous codes until their stocks are out.

Since we are in the process of implementing the modification, also in a photo cataloge some products' codes may not be updated. That's why we suggest using our product ID's, or if you want to search product by item number, use only the main part of the code (example: entire code -> Z0685DE1G_B, main part: Z0685).

We use the occasion to update product codes as well when it comes to symbol of plating and zirconia color.