For the sake of clarity and convenience, we’ve increased the size of thumbnail images. We’ve enriched the list of products with additional information concerning plating and with possibility of fast addition to list of favorites. The items added to that list will be marked with yellow asterisk. If you click on it, you will be directed to the list of favorites.

In the next edition of new functionalities, we will focus on the optimization of purchasing process from the list of favorites.

For products currently unavailable in our stock, we’ve added a function "notify me when a product is available", which has so far been possible to use only from a product page. Thanks to this function we will send you a one-time notification when the desired product is again available for sale. Remember that you can also take advantage of individual production orders. Despite the enlarged photographs and the addition of availability notification, we still encourage you to use product pages. Every page contains detailed descriptions, complementary products and also all the parameters of products. It is still worth familiarizing yourself with this information at least when you order a new product, which you can add to the list of favorites.


We’ve optimised lists of purchase for mobile devices. Thanks to this, you can see all necessary information during placing order with your phone or tablet.





We’ve noticed illogical functioning of our wholesale online at order summary in the shopping basket. Our customers often find difficult to add correctly a freebie or to introduce a discount code. For this reason, these functionalities have been improved in the basket. Freebies display immediately, without the need to click on additional buttons, and the space reserved for the code was uncovered together with clear information relating to entered code. From now, once introduced discount code, you will know if a code is active, what are the percentage of discount and if the products of the basket are included in the discount code. What is more, if the discount is down to a whole series of factors, next to each product, we’ve added an information, on what this discount depends.


We’ve reconstructed the list of products and we’ve added information about a product consistent with the orders list to make the order summary clearer and more transparent also on mobile devices. Moreover, for the convenience, we’ve increased the size of photographs. If you forget to tag a particular product as a favorite in the product page, you can also add it to the list of favorites from the order summary. The essential change in this place is the functionality of addition of products to basket and saving information about products quantity in the basket on the list of products and product page. For example, if the quantity of a particular product is increased in the basket, after returning to the list of products, the quantity updated will be displayed next to the product. Thanks to that, if the purchasing process takes a few days, you don’t have to check out the basket to make sure whether a product was added. At present, the current status of the products in the basket is displayed on the list of products as well as on the product pages.



We put great emphasis on the transmission of information about the process of order fulfilment. However, not everything that we want to communicate can be seen with the naked eye. That’s why we’re taking a note of the functionality strongly related to our storage processes, which we´ve improved graphically. This concerns the"consumer-friendly messages” relating to order realizations and assortment deliveries. Always, in the first step of the basket, we inform you when warehouse staff is able to prepare your order for dispatch. In the second step, you can see the estimated delivery time. It is worth reading this information because an order remark such a "please, send today” doesn’t change anything in our processes. We fulfil all of the orders in accordance with the determined schedule and the information provided in the moment of placing the order, is always up-to-date. Ultimately, the time of placing order and payment record in our system have an influence on the realization of order.



If you click on the button "more about discount", you will open information page, which displays relevant information about the current state of discounts. Additionally, if you enter the discount code which includes the determined group of products, we will filter these products on the indicated page in a legible manner. Also, you can go on to the page with discounts by clicking on Your account/Yours discounts. Before you start doing the shopping, you can activate the discount code on this page.


In our next news, we will present recent functions of Complaints (RMA) and Returns Departments. We hope to get positive feedback respecting these new functionalities. If you encounter an error or if you would like to share your opinion or make a suggestion, let us know.

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