We made the analysis of data provided in questionnaires filled out by most of our Clients, concerning transactional messages. According to the survey we decided to reduce the amount of messages sent during the procurement execution process.

Transactional messages, that the majority of customers considered as very important, include:

Order has been placed ? which indicates that your order was received in our system and is waiting to be processed by the Procurement Execution Crew.

Ready to be processed - with this message we inform that your order is ready to be processed and is fully paid or will be paid for upon delivery.

Shipment dispatched - your order has been dispatched by courier, so the only thing you have to do now, is to wait for a delivery.

Moreover, as it was until now, you will be receiving a messages, send from time to time by your private Consultant, in order to find out whether the process of procurement realization and the receipt of goods was successful. We want to make sure, that the parcel was delivered safely to your hands and whether the quality of goods and services fulfilled your expectations.
We removed message with confirmation of the payment, which is tantamount to message informing that order is ready to be processed, and the message with information that order is ready to be sent.  

After the analysis of surveys we are sure, that the removal of these messages will not affect in any way the provision of the most important information about your orders. Remember that all current information about the status of your procurements can be found after logging in to your account, in tab Orders -> Current.

Changes will be introduced on 28th of October 2016. From now on during the standard procurement realization process, only 3 transactional messages will be sent. The messages regarding refunds, settlement of balance, requests for settlement of outstanding payments, cancelation, suspension or merging of procurements, remain unchanged.
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