Barcodes on product labels



Earlier this year we started an introduction of highest standards of our service. The implementation was planned for the whole 2016. One of the physical change, that you might notice is an introduction of the bar code on product label, made in standard "Code128".
The barcode will contain an information about product ID, and size ID. Besides, it will include the product code, weight and size of the product. Unfortunately, at the beginning the change covers only the products from the latest stock update. The labels of the products already available on sales will be changed systematically.

With the introduction of barcodes we will be prepared for orders multiplication and accelerate their collection even more. Scanning of barcodes will also help to minimize the risk of mistakes. For you this change means, that it will be possible to verify deliveries and introduce new products to your sales system via barcode scanner.

We improve ourselves for You.
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