Keine Gebühren für Kreditkartenzahlungen!

We finally introduced credit card payments in all currencies EUR/GBP/USD with no currency conversion. Since now, your credit card will be charged the same amount as the value of your order. No conversion fee anymore!


Moreover, your VISA or MASTERCARD card will no longer be charged an additional fee for transaction. Therefore, you gain another 2% of savings on every order!
See detailed information.

We launched payments in PLN currency.
Taking into account many requests of our clients, who want to pay in Polish Zloty we finally added PLN currency to avoid currency conversion fees for those who have a bank account in Poland. 
Important note! If you want to take advantage of this facilities make sure that you made your order in  PLN and make a payment using exclusively a polish bank account. Sentiell's polish bank account number can be found in the main menu: Orders -> Safe Payments.

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